Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Art Deco Supper Club Kit

Autumn is the perfect time to start a Supper Club!  Cooler days and earlier nights call for evenings in with great friends and conversation.  Let me help you get started with this fun art-deco style kit.  Inspired by stained class and jewelry patterns from the 1920's, this set is just the starting point for a fantastic evening!  I chose shade of ivory, black green and gold with a vintage feel.  You can add a few key pieces like green glassware or ivory china to really set it off! 

The patterned pages are perfect for making your guests fun party favors like fans, hats, paper cranes or stars. 

Send them home with a recipe card or two so they can recreate your delicious dinner at home!

Want this kit?  Write to me for complimentary PDF at


Want another Supper-Club set next month?  Leave a comment suggesting a theme!

Wishing you a Lovely Celebration!



Robyn said...

This makes me want to throw a Great Gatsby dinner party!! The {new} movie is coming out soon!!

angie said...

I love your art deco design. My front doors actually have a very art deco feel. (glass) and remind me a lot of this set.

Nikki Brewer said...

i am going to email you now!! this is such a great idea to get women together!!
next month i say ... southern charm!
sunflowers maybe..

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